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In order to fulfill our mission, Museums Alaska strives to assist museums as they add to, preserve, and care for their permanent collections. Museums Alaska partners with the Rasmuson Foundation to oversee two grant programs for these purposes.

Since 2003, Museums Alaska has administered the Art Acquisition Fund (AAF), a program to support Alaskan museums in their efforts to acquire contemporary art created by living Alaskan artists. In 2022, the Art Acquisition Fund was renamed the Alaska Art Fund (AAF) to account for the expanded nature of the program—museums and cultural centers can now apply for funding of public art projects as well as smaller artworks for their collections.

In 2013, the Collections Management Fund (CMF) was developed to address the need for Alaskan museums to undertake collections management and conservation projects to adequately care for their growing collections. In 2022, the program was expanded to include any projects centered on caring for or sharing permanent collections.

Further history

In the fall of 2017, Gail Anderson and Associates performed a program evaluation of these two grant programs. In 2018, we launched a new grant cycle with revised guidelines to address the recommendations in the evaluation to better serve Alaskan museums. The program evaluation can be viewed here.

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Thank you to Rasmuson Foundation for their generous support of Museums Alaska and the entire museum field.

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